National Service Scheme (NSS)

The college has 12 NSS units that are contributing service to community in different spheres in accordance with the programmes provided by S. K. M. University, Dumka. Regular activities are conducted with sincerity with objective to grow the feelings of community service and ultimately service to nation among the students. The motto of NSS "You not me" is continuously ingrained the students by real participation in different spheres: Swachh Bharat Mission, Plantation Programme, Pulse Polio Prgramme, AIDS awareness programme, Communal Harmony and many other such activities that will help in strengthening the ongoing community level programme of Government and eradication of social maladies.

Programme Officers:

  • Dr. Elizabeth Tudu (Unit 11)
  • Dr. Seema Kumari (Unit 10)
  • Dr. Sanoj Stephan Hembrom (Unit 8)
  • Dr. Indrajeet Kumar (Unit 6)
  • Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Dubey (Unit 12)
  • Dr. Rupam Kumari
  • Dr. Anita Chakraborty
  • Dr. Holika Kumari Marandi